Wine Sparkling drink

A sparkling tale.

Peleano introduces consumers to the world of a new product which combines wine to soda into a low alcoholic beverage. The innovative drink brings local wine closer to an audience which wants an easy-to-drink beverage, together with a taste of freshness and contemporaneity.

From the duality of local tradition and a modern, young and lively spirit, we based the concept of the design of Peleano’s bottle.

We studied folkloristic textiles of the Peloponnese area from which we extracted geometric patterns. We dedicated half of the bottle to those, in combination with a contemporary twist for the top part, in which we visualised the sparkles of the soda in colourful and expressive pattern.

Maintaining the relationship between classic and modern, sophisticated and youthful, geometrical shapes and free-hand mark-makings, we created a packaging which addresses to a variety of uses and audiences.

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project image
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