Ella Resorts

Ella. Stay. Live

Ella means “COME” in Greek. Ella, as you are. Ella and stay with family & friends. Ella. Laugh. Love. Cry out of joy.

Ella is a new collection of eco-chic resorts that celebrate the unique characteristics of each location by offering exceptional quality. The first resorts, Elissa and Helea, are located in the multicultural ‘Island of the Knights’, Rhodes. COME. STAY. REMEMBER FOREVER.

For Ella Resorts we created a brand strategy that centers around the idea of ‘celebrating a destination’. From the naming to the visual identity and the web design to the signage, we had the opportunity to design a hospitality brand with a holistic approach. The doors of the logos that resurface in the applications represent the greek “filoxenia” and the islands’ architectural features. Elegant, modern, and friendly typographic treatment is combined with aery illustrations that add an element of playfulness. The identity of the twenty F&B units was composed of graphic elements that provided a kit of parts for applications ranging from menus to signage and merchandise. Finally, while designing the brand’s web presence, we aimed for a digital tool that would help the user navigate and boost direct booking through the website.

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